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The current PPP dilemma I’m facing is not that of the purchasing power parity but of purchasing politically correct products (OK there’s an added ‘C’ there but you get the point).  My love of pretzels and persimmons have put me between a rock and a hard place.  After merrily chomping down a bagful of sesame pretzels and finishing my second persimmon, I realized the label on the packet that read, “Imported from Israel”.  At the risk of sounding like a drama queen and an Ahme-i-want-my-persimmons-dinejad supporter (which I am not, although that bad boy image is alluring), a pang of guilt flowed through me as my stomach started to digest both the food and the realization that I just went against my long time personal moral boycott of Israeli goods, especially after the attacks on the aid ship bound for Gaza a week ago.  This was a choice between the love of food and in some way standing up for humanity and equality.

I still remember the joy I felt when I found stacks of persimmons on the shelves of the grocery store two weeks back and exclaiming, “Yessss… Ke nako, it is here!  They are back…”.  For those who don’t know, apart from being the best tasting fruit around, Persimmons look like the offspring of tomatoes and pumpkins and they’re also known as Sharon Fruit (aptly named after the Sharon Plain in Israel from where they are grown).  The gravity of the situation was huge.  I had been waiting for these persimmons to come back into season for so long and now that they are here I can’t have them.  Well, technically I can but it would’ve been morally wrong for me.  And as human nature would have it, now that I had made up my mind to stay away from them, I wanted them even more.  Each time I walked past them in the grocery store, I was tempted.  Those smooth round bodies would be teasing me and I could already taste it.  I knew that all it would take was a momentary lapse of judgement and I’d cave in.  It would be a matter of going grocery shopping whilst being absolutely famished after my daily run and I knew I’d give way to my hunger.  I can just picture the scene… me sitting on the couch with a bag of sesame pretzels in one hand and a tub of hummus in the other whilst reading the opinions section of the Mail and Guardian and of course, a bowlful of persimmons waiting to be eaten along with some halva…

Oy vey!