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So lately I’ve had the need to go for a run on a daily basis.  Maybe I’ve become addicted to this as I find myself sneaking out of class early just so I can make my way to the promenade while the late afternoon sun is just strong enough to give me that good glow without the burn. Yup, so that’s one of the things I think about when I go for a run apart from clearing my mind. When I’m out there, it’s just me and the road and the sun and the sea. It keeps my mind busy and it lets me break away from dealing with some of the things I sometimes think about when I’m by myself (a big no-no). I can’t remember the last time I was totally content and happy with the way things are in my life and that in itself is somewhat worrying but running gives me respite from this. I sometimes feel the need to know what’s down the line, that I have control over things in my life but most of the time it doesn’t pan out that way. Maybe this is how I cope with things. Just a place to escape from the world and do something I have control over. People run for various reasons. They say it releases endorphins so in a way, this is my medication. It’s my happy pill and a release from my addiction of constantly thinking of things I have no control over.  With running, I get to control my pace, my stride, my breath and it’s just me and the road. I get to choose the route I want to take and the distance I want to go but I always know that there is an end in sight. When I’ve gone too far and the light starts to fade, I know that I’m not alone and that in time I will be home. I know that there are other people running this same route as me albeit at a different pace and stage, either they’ve just started their journey or are nearing their goal but all of us eventually making our way to our destinations. This is my freedom and my time to clear my mind.

Maybe there is also an underlying reason for my love of running and maybe I am running away from the reality that persists but we all need that now and again. Just a place to escape if not for a little while. At least I know that after my run, everything will be much clearer and maybe that’s the same as it is in life. Sometimes we all just need to breakaway until we can think better and wait until the dust settles so I figured there’s no harm in running away from time to time.