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I say get me there already!

I came across this TIME article about how break ups can be likened to being addicted to cocaine.  Now I for one haven’t tried that 90’s drug most commonly used by investment bankers and traders (I think I was too young then and couldn’t be bothered to start now) but I think I might know the feeling.  I could have written that article because many a times I have told my friends that it feels like some sort of an addiction.  The constant back and forth, and yes, the “inappropriate phoning, writing or e-mailing, pleading for reconciliation, sobbing for hours, drinking too much…” but as I type this I find myself chuckling a bit.  Everyone goes through the same steps.  It’s like the 12 step program for Alcoholics Anonymous but this time it’s for Relationship Rejectees.

Thankfully I think I’ve entered my next step to recovery and am now in my anger phase and thoughts of “How could he… while I wait for him, he’s out there getting his fix… I didn’t deserve that… What was I thinking…” come to mind.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that I might not relapse back into the denial stage of missing the good times but as any drug addict will tell you, there’s always that chance of going back a step (I talk as if I have druggie friends – but I don’t).  I’m taking one day at a time and it seems to be working.  I’ve been sober for a good few days now and it’s only a matter of time until the final stage of indifference sets in and once I’m there – SUCCESS!  Cannot.  Wait!