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Oh and that body too please.  Oh what the hell, I want to look like that as well.

My flat mate says I might be suffering from a mild case of identity crisis because each time I see Shakira, Beyonce or Nicole Scherzinger, I say to her, “I want that hair!  I want to look like them!”  Oh add to that list Thandie Newton.  Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted long wavy hair.  It got to a point where I actually permed it and instead of turning out like in the sample above, the hairdresser put tight curlers in and I came out looking like Krusty the Clown.  Luckily, that was a long long time ago and my hair has since recovered from the shock treatment.  Never will I be making the same mistake again (I’ll be sure to ask for bigger curlers next time).

Now my cousin on the other hand… she has naturally thick wavy hair and I love it.  It’s got volume galore and I always ask her to leave it all natural but she insists on straightening it and I wonder why she’d think of doing such a thing.  So in short, I have straight hair but I want it wavy and she has wavy hair and wants it straight.  Are we just fussy or is it intrinsic in our nature to want what we can’t have?  Is it human nature to always look for that extra something, the unattainable and why is it that we sometimes take what we have for granted and tend to value something that others have more than what we’ve got?  Once one need has been satisfied, it’s quickly replaced by another.  Are we doomed like Sisyphus to be constantly pushing for that goal… the unattainable which in our case is absolute perfection?

So in the meantime, until my hair miraculously decides to have a bounce and a wave like Shakira or Nicole Scherzinger’s, I will be sleeping with my hair in a bun so that by the morning, it does look like that – even if it’s only for the first half of the day.  And I reckon I already share the same initials as Nicole (yes, we are in fact on first name basis already) so I figure I’m sort of one step closer as well to having that body too.  Now all that’s needed is for me to step away from that bag of chips and survive on water and crackers for the next six months and I’ll be there… well, not quite but we can all dream a little right?