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Mmm he can come use my hair products anytime - xoxo!

As if Mahmoud Ah-ma-don’twantnomullets-dinejad hasn’t enough to worry about what with America on his back, now the youth are rebelling by wearing their hair long and applying hair gel (oh sacrebleu).  This is one battle he is sure to lose.  The “unacceptable haircut” list that could land one in jail includes ponytails, mullets and basically any form of long hair barring the one on your chinny chin chins.

Now for me, I’m no fan of guys with long hair, especially if they are in a mullet form so I’ll have to side with my man Mahmoud here.  He’s also against hair gel which is oh so nineties.  He knows that today, it’s all about the “I just got out of bed” look which emulates the “I’m so vegan and arty I don’t use hair gel or any form of processed products because it’s ruining our planet” movement.  It’s all about being part of the other green revolution (not to be confused with the one that happened in Iran in 2009 that was in protest against him and his government).

He is after all taking time out of his busy schedule of sourcing enriched uranium to look out for the youth of his country by preventing them from committing a fashion faux pas.  So I say props to him for having some life balance and not getting too consumed by politics.  The man is keeping it real.