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I bet you think this post is about you don’t you, don’t you?  But… it’s not, so enough about you and back to my blog.

The sun is shining in Cape Town, we’ve hardly had a winter because it’s been so warm and already the vibe is starting to pick up and so are our moods.  And as I sat outside basking in the sunshine with my friend and getting that much needed tan time, he asked me if I had any summer tunes for him to jam to.  But lately I had been listening to some downers so I didn’t think it would be a good idea to give him the likes of Lauryn Hill, Feist, Frou Frou or Coldplay as I could already imagine myself having to save him from curling up in some corner trying to maim himself for thinking that his life is shit and that there’s nothing to look forward to after this MBA.  So I gave him this video, which now as I watch it again reminded me of someone who oddly resembles the artist himself (and to whom I feel oddly attracted to but that’s another story about my unfortunate affinity towards lanky nonchalant men who don’t care for much – yes I realise that I do need to seek help):

…only to find out that the lyrics translated to just that – the meaninglessness of everyday office life of a white collar worker.  It’s about how we study only to end up working a 9-5 in some beige office, crunching numbers so we can earn money only to spend more in order to fill that void, then incurring debt and then getting into (excuse the French) MERDE!  And to make matters worse, how when we say love and forever, it actually means divorce.  Oh well, I guess it’s too late.  He seemed to like the tunes though and so hopefully he won’t be translating the lyrics.  Although come to think of it, they are hard to miss since they’re right below the video itself.  I would’ve given him Booba and Sinik or Diams but I thought French rap would’ve been much along the same lines.

LOL… so much for some upbeat summer tunes.  I guess I best go get him out of that corner now.