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Yup it’s that time of the year again.  The Encounters Documentary Festival is back.  So today I went to watch ‘The Gardener and his 21 flowers’ and I don’t know if it was just me being a girl and getting all emotional as usual but really, it made me feel somewhat bad for worrying about my stupid personal life all the time when there are people out there who are dealing with real problems.

Yet here I was, sitting in the theater with my friends, after a day of playing squash and soaking up the sun whilst having lunch with a friend at Newport Deli overlooking the beachfront in one of the most beautiful cities.  I was telling him about how confused I was about next year, where I’ll be, what I’ll do and the usual quarter life crisis stuff and the fact that I still haven’t settled down yet and I’m nearing that dreaded big three-oh!  And yes, the fact that one of my friends just got engaged didn’t help.  Yeah yeah it’s all emo and lame but that’s what I think about when I’m not fantasizing about being the 50ft woman and stomping on my ex for stringing me along.  Jokes.  (Oh but revenge would be sweet… mwahahahaha…)

Anyway, after watching the short, I realised I was being a brat.  This was a story about a Zambian gardener (and no, not his flowers) but his 21 orphans that he is supporting through the money he makes from his vegetable garden.  While other men in his village go out drinking with the money they make, his only goal is to save enough so he can buy himself a water pump (USD100) so that he could grow more crops to send the kids to school.  The story ends with him getting his pump in the end and even buying one of his kids a school uniform.

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