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My flat mate and I have an ongoing rivalry about who’s head of state is the better and recently I was feeling pretty chuffed because Mahmoud had been hard at work unveiling drones and opening up nuclear facilities.  But that was short lived because today I saw what old Vlad was up to (yes, her bad boy ruler is Mr Putin).  While Mahmoud was plotting of ways to wipe Israel and America off the map, Vladimir was busy whale hunting with a crossbow, tracking polar bears in the Arctic, horseback riding with the local Turkic people and just chilling in some tree:

Whale hunting!

Bear baiting!

Horses and Turkic people!

Tree climbing!

So there I’ve admitted it to her.  She wins this round.  And to rub salt into the wound, I just read that Richard Aboulafia, a veteran analyst from some aerospace-consulting firm dubbed Mahmoud’s drone as “the ambassador of minor damage to unintended target”, saying that Iran lacks the ability to guide it over long distances and that it only has a range of about 960 km, which is still short of reaching Israel.  Shame…

Get your act together Ahme-get-back-on-top-ejad and make me proud!

(From Russia with Love)