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Sea Point promenade - September 2010


Yup, that was me.  I wanted to be the greatest in everything I did.  I wanted to be a tennis player and go play at Wimbledon (and win!).  Then I wanted to be doctor just like my parents but then go work for Médicins San Frontiéres.  Then I had dreams of becoming an archaeologist and going to remote places in Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, digging up old ruins and making discoveries and presenting them in museums and conferences.  Then I wanted to become a photojournalist, traveling across Africa, South America and documenting how people lived as well as report the news.  Then I had simple dreams of finding the one and traveling with him, laughing, chortling, being silly and knowing that I’ve finally arrived at precisely where I should be.  I still have dreams of doing these things and being the greatest at everything I do but sometimes having to roll with the punches is part of the deal.  I’ve taken a few hits this year but now I can finally see things for what they were.  I’ve taken off my rose coloured spectacles and I’m feeling strong (it’s about time I’d say!).  I have a feeling I’m going to come out on top.  This is my “Mr November”.