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And this is why I love to run:

September 2010

I went for lunch today with ___, the exchange student whom I just got to know properly yesterday during our volunteer housebuild.  I was impressed when he said something I didn’t think anyone would pick up on – much less a guy whom I just met.  I was telling him that he should go for walks along the promenade and that he should come with me when I go for my runs everyday and of how beautiful it is.

But today out of the blue, he asked me what I was running from.  I started running in the beginning of the year for a reason but by now I hadn’t thought much about it and it became my daily ritual which I felt I had to do.  No one had asked me that outright and he was right.  I was running away my problems and even now that I’m fine again I still kept on running.

We rarely pay attention to other people because we are all busy with our own lives.  But now and then a stranger comes along and really listens and makes you feel like they see you.  So I thank him for seeing me for who I am and noticing these subtleties and for making me laugh again.

Oh and I also run for the views =)