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A short drive up the West Coast and an hour and a half out of Cape Town, you come to this quaint little seaside town of Langebaan, where the waters are blue and the sand is white.  It was once a whaling station back in the 1920’s but today, it is home of Die Strandloper – a “restaurant” serving 10 courses of deliciousness straight out of the sea.  It’s not the conventional restaurant as you would expect as its situated right on the beach, across an old naval base with the only shelter being the netting above the make shift tables and a central braai area where all the fish, crayfish, mussels and the catches of the day are grilled.

In a way it reminded me of my old school camping days.  It was rustic.  As soon as each meal was ready, the main man would clang on a tin can, come round to the tables and tell us what was on offer.  I had one of the most amazing breads there.  They were fresh out their clay ovens and it was served with an assortment of home made jams – guava, grape, fig, apricot and the list goes on.  The cutlery was a bunch of empty mussel shells.  All the excess, if any were fed to the gulls hovering above.  And to end things off, “moer koffie” was served along with koeksisters for dessert.  A fitting way to end an afternoon of gastronomy!

So if ever anyone is visiting Cape Town, it is worthwhile to take a drive out to the Strandloper with some good friends and have a lazy lunch whilst looking out onto the ocean with the sun shining on your back.

Moer Koffie - Add to that a log of burning wood and stir well

The bar in case you didn't bring your own booze

The bowl for washing off after each meal

A must have for any outing - good friends

and good laughs

Good hugs

good crowd


Good views

Good tunes

and good food!

and of course... a good snooze!

November 2010

Die Strandlopers

And it’s true what they say.  You only miss the things once they’re gone and now that my time in Cape Town has come to an end, I am missing all the good times I had there.  So hopefully I’ll get to come back to the most beautiful city with the most amazing friends who’ve helped make me laugh again this year.