So it’s been a while since I last updated on Vlad and Mahmoud.  Unfortunately, my bad boy Mahmoud has been quiet since the Weapon of Mass Destruction unveiling and the only exciting information I have heard since is the fact that he likes to have his lunch packed by his wife in a brown paper bag when he goes to work.  Boring and the end.

But, Vladimir on the other hand has been super busy.  Since the last time, he has been showing us his macho side with all that whale hunting and bear baiting.  Now it’s time for his softer side and he has been seen singing one of my favourite songs “Blueberry Hill” and reading to the kiddies.  Awww… he is the perfect man.  I feel I picked the wrong guy and I think I’m starting to like Vlad too.  AND he likes puppies!

Looks like my friend has been winning in this race since we’ve had a healthy rivalry of who’s bad boy head of state is cooler.  Mahmoud is seriously lagging behind and needs to up the ante.  Otherwise I might have to start looking to Hugo, Silvio or worse yet, Kim…