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Yesterday was a rather productive day for a Sunday i.e. lazy drinks by the sea and walking on the promenade with friends and having an ice-cream.  We thought it was well deserved after our morning run up the track by Tibidabo.  We met at Bogatell station at 14h30 and took a 5 minute walk down to the beach where we saw people having a good time sun bathing, playing volleyball and again… eating tapas and drinking.  Basically the norm here in Spain it seems.  After a brief walk up and down, it was agreed that we needed to get ourselves an ice-cream which we promptly did.  It was a fitting end to a warm and sunny weekend in Barcelona.

Yup, we definitely deserved these.  And yes, they were good.  Om nom nom…

This is Bogatell beach in Barcelona.  Still big when compared to Cape Town but I can just imagine how packed it must be in the summer time.  Apparently the Balearic Islands are best so I need to take a ferry one of the weekends there too.  So much to do, so little time!

On the breakers with my ice-cream and camera.

And here we are… about to test the waters of the Mediterranean…

Come test the water, it isn’t that cold he says.

And then realising that it’s actually not true.  It was freezing.  OK but I must add, that it’s not as cold as the water in Cape Town.

And this is what being an MBA student on exchange is all about – monkeying around with the kids.