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And yes, we were tempted to cross over to France but alas, we didn’t bring our passports!  La prochaine foix…

25 March 2011

It’s my last week in Barcelona and I decided it was time I visited Girona and the north coast of Cataluña, i.e. Costa Brava.  My friend came to pick me up at the flat at 11h00 on Thursday morning, the day after my last class of school.  It’s about an hour’s drive to Girona which lies just to the north of Barcelona.  There we had lunch and had a brief walk around the old town.  It was a fine day for a road trip and a walk – warm, sunny and quiet since it was a weekday.  There I really immersed myself in French and Spanish and forced myself to practice since he spoke no English.  Long story short, we met one day as I was on my way to get groceries and he was looking for his car.  He walked past me a second time and decided to befriend me and asked if I spoke Spanish to which I replied, “No” and then he said “Français?” and I don’t know what I was thinking when I replied to say “Un peu” which was a complete lie because it was more like rien, nada, nothing.  Mais mon Dieu, it was quite a challenge at first but I think my Spanish teacher would’ve been proud even though I was substituting Spanish words in French sentences and vice versa because he managed to understand me nonetheless.  Looking back, I’m glad I gave it a go since this is part of what the exchange is all about – to learn and immerse yourself in the city.

And so goes my year of “por que no?” and so far, it’s been a great few months of meeting new people and experiencing new things.  I already feel my life is so much richer with everything I’ve learnt from the people I’ve met and the places I’ve been.  Come August, my friend is due to drive down to Algeciras where he will ferry himself and his car across over to Morocco to visit his father’s side of the family.  This could be my chance to finally get to visit Morocco since he invited me to come with seeing that it coincides with the ending of my time in India in late July.  So maybe in 5 months, I might find myself saying “por que no?” to yet another opportunity to experience a whole new culture.

In one of Girona’s squares.

Lunch in Girona…

Deux chiens

Deux cafes

Deux bancs a Lloret De Mar.

Lloret De Mar, sur Costa Brava.