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9 March 2011

Every year for about 10 days in March, the whole town of Cadiz erupts in one of the biggest carnivals in Spain.  Each night, groups of people will gather in the old town all dressed in colourful costumes and recite folk songs and tell jokes and generally drink and have a good time.  It starts in the late evening and carries on until the early hours of the morning.  I guess there are no curfews for children during this period of the festivities because yes, there are also children taking part in all of this – well, not with the boozing I’m assuming.  I arrived in Cadiz just in time to see this for myself and it just so happened that it coincided with the carnival.  There I met some girls from Boston also on exchange in Paris who invited me to go out that night with them and of course I said, why not so I guess traveling solo also has its perks.  But I was also looking forward to finally meeting up with my friends from London in Seville the next day.

Kids at the carnival late into the night.

One of the many groups of performers on every corner of the streets.

The exchange students from Boston