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I’ve been meaning to post something on Park Güell but never got round to doing it.  So in my last week of my time in Johannesburg, I’ve found some time to put them up!

March 2011…

During the last days of my time in Barcelona, I tried to go to Park Güell as often as I could since it soon became my favourite place in the city to spend the day in the sun watching the performers and people as they walk by.  A mere 20 minute walk/hike from my flat and I’m there and the views aren’t bad either.  It’s situated on a hill on the upper part of Barcelona which means it has a 360 degree view of the city all the way from the beaches, right up to Tibidabo, my favourite running track.  On weekends its particularly busy with performers and tourists and of course the locals who are there just to have a lazy lunch on the terrace whilst basking in the sunshine.  And I loved Park Güell so much that I decided it deserved its very own post.  The very last time I went was on a Sunday with my friend and yes, I do love longs days in the park and everything that goes with it like ice creams, walking around, people watching and most of all, having good laughs.

The first order of the day: A coffee and a pastry at the local cafe.

On route to Park Güell - this is the neighbourhood!

Mosaics on the ceiling

The main entrance to the park

A performer - I'm loving her top!

On the top part of the park.

People at the park

Seating areas on the top half of park where you can either people watch or just have a snooze in the sun.

And... lastly Greg, who accompanied me from all the way from Park Guell all the way up to the running track in Tibidabo whilst providing me with some good laughs and convo the whole day. I made him walk the whole day and I'm impressed he didn't complain one bit 🙂