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6 May 2011

It’s been a week since my arrival in Bangalore and finally the weekend is here.  It was time to venture out of our idyllic little community within the walls of one of India’s biggest IT companies based in the Electronic city, just outside of Bangalore.  Some of the interns and I booked our taxi to take us to the famous MG Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road) where most of the shopping happens.  I must admit, it is a dusty, traffic ridden city and at this time of year, I was not particularly fond of the heat nor the humidity.  Two hours of sitting in a small Tata taxi with buses and trucks coming insanely close and hooting right by our windows was enough to get me cranky.  We eventually reached our destination and I could already feel beads of sweat gathering on my forehead.  I was keen to get out our mini oven on wheels.  The shopping however more than made up for the hot and stuffy car ride.  It was amazing.  I’ve been meaning to get myself some cotton kurta tops and lo and behold, they were everywhere.  It was a good idea to have come with an empty bag.  Although Bangalore may have been lacking in palaces, forts and touristic places, it was definitely not lacking in the shopping.  We ended the day at Infinitea, a fine tea emporium recommended by our local friend and guide.  There I tried the famous Kashmiri tea, flavoured with pistacios and cardamom that my friend suggested back in South Africa.  It was perfection.

The auto rickshaw meter.

Apparently Bangalore is known as the garden city. But this is one of the very few tree lined streets. Because of the rapid expansion and the construction of the metro, most of the streets are congested, dusty and a work in progress.

One of the many fruit vendors. At least the one thing good about coming in the summer is the variety of fruits available and even better - it's mango season!

Camel skin shoes in Commercial Road.

Street vendor

Commercial Road - where the locals shop! Bargains galore...

Haro prease... apparently Engrish is common in India as well.