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I forgot how much I loved weekends until I started working.  I decided to make the most of it by doing just what I wanted and it started off with shopping for kurti’s in Commercial Street.  I knew India would be the place to buy some garments and accessories so I came here with a half empty bag.  There were so many different choices and designs of these long cotton tunics, worn by women here to keep cool in the heat.  And what a bargain they were.  So that was my day of indulgence.

The next morning, I decided to go for an early morning walk in their famous Lal Bagh gardens.  I arrived there about 7am and was surprised to find a lot of people already there that early on a Sunday morning.  As I strolled along the footpath by the lake, I thought it kind of reminded me of walking in Central Park, with the joggers, the walkers and the people sitting on benches enjoying the view and catching up with friends.  This was a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city that is Bangalore.  Sitting in traffic with cars, buses, cyclist and pedestrians all over the place is enough to give anyone the feeling of claustrophobia.  Not to mention the incessant hooting and the smell of exhaust fumes.  Yes, even at 7am on a Sunday, there is traffic.  So stepping into this park was a welcome relief, away from the traffic and noise.  I found a little bit of peace and beauty in this otherwise busy and bustling city.

Water Lilies in Lal Bagh

Lake in Lal Bagh. Early morning.

Early morning joggers and walkers in the park.

Ducks in a row! Well… nearly in a row.

Steps towards shrine in Lal Bagh.



Shop in Commercial Street