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Me and my bestie on Clifton 3

Nearly a year and a half since I started at UCT’s Graduate School of Business, I’ve finally got it!  To date, 2010 has so far been a year of ups and downs.  Doing a one year MBA is no joke especially when a thesis is also involved.  At one point I physically felt nauseous reading all those literature reviews and trying to get my methodology right.  Wow, I hope I never have to go through that again – taking classes AND writing up a research report in the space of about 4 months.  We were literally 10 minutes walk away from the beach and in the first semester we hardly got to see it much.  But apart from all the studying, group work and stress, it was also one of the best years.  It was about being a student again, making new friends, even meeting the Archbishop Desmond Tutu and of course, there was also the FIFA World Cup – all this in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town!  Sometimes I thought I should’ve stayed in LA and did my MBA there but looking back on everything that has happened to get me to where I am today, I know for certain I made the right choice.  Getting to go on exchange to Spain and then to India for an internship wouldn’t have happened if I had stayed at Pepperdine.  So this is a brief round up of the fun times I’ve had last year.

Lion's Head climb for the full moon viewing. Feb 2010

Company analysis outing to the farm. October 2010.

Women in Business Conference venue. June 2010.

Walks on the promenade. June 2010.

Lunches at the Old Biscuit Mill. July 2010

Whale watching in Hermanus. 2010.

Flat matey and me visiting South Africa's past.

My friend doing his kitesurfing after (and sometimes DURING) classes. 2010

Staying up all night to watch the sun rise on Signal Hill. November 2010.

Beachy time on Clifton 3. October 2010.

More lunches at Die Strandloper. October 2010.

Sundowners at La Med. November 2010.

The end of a great year! Miss you class of 2010, GSB.