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Outside Tipu Sultan's summer palace in Mysore.

OK, so this is a long overdue post but better late than never I guess.

15 July 2011

On the Friday of the 15th, all the interns from Bangalore were taken on an official trip to the Mysore campus.  We left Bangalore straight after work at five and by nine, we had arrived in Mysore.  After checking in and getting checked ourselves, we sat down for late dinner and then some of the interns and I decided to go see what Mysore night life had to offer.  Turns out, there wasn’t much.  We were told that this bar would be open until 2am (an anomaly since most places in India so far closed at 23h30) but when we arrived there, it was closed… surprise surprise.  Then we were redirected to another place they said apparently opens until 04h30 – but again, as expected, the place had already closed.  So driving around the quiet city we found a rather sketchy bar at midnight and bought a couple of drinks only to be shooed out onto the street since they too were closing.  Eventually we drove back to the campus with half empty bottles in hand and like hobos, sat on the pavement outside the campus and finished our drinks – along with some drunken prank calls and texts of course…

Flower sellers at the temple, Mysore.

The Interns!

16 July 2011

The next morning, we all got up bright and early and all wore our issued tops and boarded the bus for a tour of the city’s palaces and temples.  On the way to our first temple that was situated on a hill just outside of Mysore, it started to rain and since we had to take our shoes off to look inside, I opted not to because I didn’t want to get my feet all muddy and wet.  Fine… I was being a pansy but I’d seen enough temples to give this one a miss.  I still don’t regret it.  Then on the way back down to the city, we stopped by some big bull statue and while we took photos, a couple of interns decided to have the sugar cane juice from the street vendor only to later realise it wasn’t such a good idea to be having street juice just yet.

Lunch was amazing.  We were taken to a wonderful hotel/restaurant with that old colonial feel to it.  So far, since Friday lunch, I’d had buffets for every meal and it was a slippery slope and very tempting to over eat the whole weekend.  But then again… we were on “holiday” so I thought why not make the most of it?  The food was amazing.  Finally we finished our lunch and headed towards the Mysore Palace and ended the day with a cultural show and yet another buffet dinner.

Mysore Palace at night - the light stays on only for 30 mins so we had to rush to take photos.

17 July 2011

Last day and we took a campus tour after (yet another buffet) breakfast.  Their campus in Mysore is amazing to say the least.  Finally I found squash courts!  If only Bangalore had the same… The Mysore campus had everything you could want – a swimming pool overlooking part of the campus, a climbing wall which some of the interns had a go at, a bowling alley, a movie theater and the list goes on.  We then had lunch and boarded the bus again to visit yet some more palaces of Tipu Sultan and then finally headed back home to campus in Bangalore…  Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that during our pit stop midway between Bangalore and Mysore, one of the interns nearly got flashed by a hermaphrodite – LOL.  Luckily he’d been warned about them so before the he-she could flash his/her family jewels at him, he quickly gave the would be flasher some Rupees to make him/her go away.  A fair price to pay I’d say for not getting scarred by the vision of what might be under all that garb.

View from Tipu Sultan's summer home in Mysore - has that distinct Mughal architecture.

The girls!

Photo time

And more photo time.

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Mysore street scene - in the rain...

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