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I was asked by a classmate of mine to put up a quick “How to” for the tilt shift function after seeing my “Miniatures” folder:


I have a super old Canon 30D which unfortunately does not have this built in function so for all of those who have the older generation SLR’s or point and shoots without this option, here’s a simple way (in six easy steps) to make your images look like miniatures or enhance the focal points using Adobe CS2 (yes, I know this is also a super old version of Photoshop but hey, it works so why not).  I used Adobe’s Lightroom 3 to enhance the saturation which helps make it look more like toys and added some vignetting to enhance the focus.

Have fun and hope this helps!


Oil Rig example (Before)

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Oil Rig example (After)

And... DONE!


Steps are the same as the example above.  The only difference is instead of selecting a horizontal section, you select a vertical one which gives a “tunnel” effect as shown below.

Golden Gate (Before)

Step 2 as per Oil Rig example

Step 4 as per Oil Rig example

Step 6 as per Oil Rig example

Golden Gate (After)

And... DONE!