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Morning coffee, the day after the storm. The storm may not have packed too much of a punch, my coffee however did.

It’s the day after Hurricane Irene and I look outside, expecting it to be cold and rainy but it’s not.  It wasn’t even that windy either (or so I thought) and I could already see people walking around on the streets.  The trains aren’t running today and I assumed most businesses downtown would still be closed so I decided to explore the Upper West Side instead.  First and foremost though, a cup of coffee by the corner grocer and yes, it did its job and in 30 minutes, I was quite keen to go for a jog.

Riverside Park in the morning after Hurricane Irene

And... the start of the route. Yup, super windy too

This time I decided to run alongside the Hudson.  If I didn’t feel much of the wind while walking around the streets near the apartment, it was quite present down here by the water.  Yeah, you could definitely tell that there had been a storm the night before and running against it was an effort.

Seeing as I didn’t have any plans for the day, I was curious to see where the track would end so I decided to run until the end.  Yeah, bad idea because it kept on going and going.  I passed 76th Street, then 54th Street and the numbers kept on getting smaller and smaller but the track seemed to keep on getting longer and longer.  I eventually stopped myself at 25th Street by Chelsea Piers with the fear that I might actually end up at the bottom of Manhattan at Battery Park and not be able to double back.  Running all the way to 111th Street from the bottom of the island would end in either tears or blisters (or both).

Some benches in case you get tired. I was tempted...

Now with that view, there's no way anyone would get tired.

It took me over an hour and forty minutes to get back (and I’m glad to say with no blisters!).  This time, the wind actually gave me a bit of a push.  I was definitely needing it by that time.

This is such a pretty little place. I love the fairy lights (or as they say here, Christmas lights).

The old

The new

And the old against the new.

I’m glad to say I got back in one piece (no tears either).  It was one of the best jogging routes I’ve been on.  That and the Promenade in Cape Town.  The views were great and I will probably do it again.

Towards Battery Park