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Part 5: Phoenix, Sedona, Meteor Crater and finally to Flagstaff

18 August 2011

The next morning after having a good night’s rest in Phoenix, I drove over to Scottsdale to meet up with a friend whom I met in Kerala just a few weeks ago while on my internship.  She actually inspired me to visit Arizona and see Sedona, Meteor Crater and so many other places I didn’t get a chance to get to on this trip (thanks Rebecca!).

A mere two hours later, I arrived in Sedona, a quiet town nestled between the red rocks of the mountains.  Arizona is beautiful in many ways.  From the desert-like landscape of the south with its Saguaro cacti to the lush green scenery dotted with Juniper trees in the north this place seems like it has something to offer for everyone.

After going on some hiking trails and trying to find the vortices that are apparently around here, I made my way up towards Winslow to see the Meteor Crater.  I arrived there in the late afternoon and what a sight it was.

Red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

Apparently this is one of the paths where you will find the vortex but I didn't feel anything when I got there apart from being short of breath...

Little Horse trail

Bridge over Oak Creek path

Down by the creek

Finally at the crater!

The rim

And finally... a beautiful sunset to end the day with.