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Part 6: Mojave and finally back home

19 August 2011

Leaving Flagstaff in the early hours of the morning and seeing that I would be driving past the Mojave Desert on I-40, I decided to make a pit stop while on my way back home to Long Beach.  I heard there was a short hiking trail just 30km off the main highway and after Google mapping the location, I took my detour into the desert. Again, my GPS didn’t help me much and all I could rely on were the route markers once inside the Preserve.

There was no one in sight and I was running on a quarter of a tank of fuel.  The nearest petrol station was another 60km to the west on the I-40 and it felt as though I was driving forever, more so because I kept glancing at my petrol gauge that was gradually getting lower.  I knew if I had to run out of petrol here, I’d be screwed.  In my rear view mirror, I could see the cars and trucks on the highway in the distance, running parallel to the road I was on – signs of human life getting smaller and smaller.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, I saw the American Flag fluttering in the distance and two cars parked near a small cottage.  I had arrived at the information center.  Apart from the park ranger, there was another German tourist inside asking the ranger about snakes and scorpions… I think I was more worried about dehydration and running out of petrol at the time but nonetheless, I took the trail map and headed towards the Hole(s) in the Wall…

 – Alone on the road towards the Hole in the Wall

Visitors' Center, Hole in the Wall, Mojave National Preserve

And behold the holes in the wall!

Yup, it was pretty tight...

Super windy up top and the wind was just howling through the crevice. This place is called Banshee something apparently...