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When my friend quit her job in Banking and Finance and decided to follow her dreams to go into fashion, we all thought she was going mad.  We had done an undergrad in Business Science together, started our first roles at South Africa’s top private bank and then she went on to do consulting at one of the big four.  It would’ve been an easy route to take, climbing the corporate ladder and earning a steady and generous income but when she suddenly quit and decided to go back to school again, I know we all secretly wished we had the guts to do the same.  Four years on, she’s finished her studies and has now just started her journey towards realizing her dream.

Before I left for India, she commissioned me to take a few pictures for her new shop/studio.  This is the place.  A loft in Hyde Park, Johannesburg.  So this post is for her and to wish her luck!

Hyde Park apartment, Johannesburg.

Tops on show


Pretty in pink stripes

Wake up and smell the flowers

Black and bling

A roof with a view