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Lazy afternoons in Bangalore

From the sweet scent of incense from my neighbours to the melodic sound of the evening call to prayers of the muezzin from a nearby mosque, I sit here in the warm glow of an Indian sunset and experience the full impact of this country on my senses.  Although I complain about the traffic, the noise, the dust, the pollution and the non-stop stream of people on my daily commute to work, it’s been an interesting 10 months so far.

If someone had told me 4 years ago whilst on holiday in India for the very first time that I would be back to live and work here, I wouldn’t have believed them at all.  In fact, the way I pictured things to turn out back then is not even remotely close to what it is today – and not in a bad way either.  It just makes life more interesting – I have no idea what will happen in a year’s time from now because so far, for the past 5 years, each year has been totally different from the last and it’s been completely unpredictable.  And although there were ups and downs, I’m glad to say I’ve enjoyed every experience along the way.