For Funzies

The Junta’s white elephant

So yesterday the Junta finally managed to capture a white elephant they’ve been tracking for over 3 months in the jungles of the Rakhine state of Burma close to the India/Bangladeshi border.  Nevermind that the area was hit by flooding and landslides in the past month where 60 people died but rather their main priority was to find that elephant at any cost.

Traditionally, white elephants are meant to be good omens and in the past, kings of the Burmese empire believed that they these creatures would bring peace, political change and good fortune.  It was no surprise then that upon its capture the 38 year old elephant cow was taken from its herd and brought back to the new capital Naypyitaw which by the way was built upon the advice of a certain fortune teller the Junta had consulted with.  Hmmm… yes very strategic and well thought out.

Apparently this is the third one they’ve captured so far.  Things still haven’t changed apart from their growing collection of white elephants.  Maybe they should reconsider their political strategy because from where I’m sitting, it may very well just be a white elephant in the colloquial sense, i.e. a valuable possession of which its owner cannot dispose and whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) is out of proportion to its usefulness or worth.  If they’re not careful, it might just turn into their albatross…

By the way, I also came across this psychic octopus they might be interested in.  It’s much smaller than elephants so the cost of upkeep won’t be as great.  It’s already shown to have predicted the winners for some of the World Cup matches so already there is proof that it’ll at least deliver some results.  Maybe the Junta can consult it for future political strategies too.  They can thank me later for helping them with their collection of animals for their menagerie.


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